HTC Sensation by HTC

Think new sounds. Instant games. Android super apps, a speed-warping dual-core processor. And with HTC Watch™ ondemand, if it’s in theaters now, it can probably be found on your 4.3-inch HD touch screen too.

htc sensation

processorSay adios to buffer bar. With a 1.2GHz dual-core processor you can get straight to the action, like your games and apps, while saying goodbye to impatience.

cameraMore megapixels? Yes, please! With 8MP and some of the most advanced camera features, like dual flash, auto focus, and HD video, this camera is picture perfect and then some.

htc senseUser-friendly. Friend-friendly too. Every message, e-mail, text, tweet, and status update grouped by person for easy viewing and follow up.

displayEnjoy a sprawling screen for your budding entertainment empire. With a giant 4.3-inch screen, you can catch all your favorite flicks, live sports, and shows whenever you feel like it.

htc watchFor great entertainment, don’t look far…just look up. The “cloud-based” HTC Watch lets you instantly stream your favorite movies, videos, and more without a WiFi™ connection.

A multimedia superphone in the palm of your hand.

Want to be entertained like never before? On-demand movies look great with a stunning qHD display, and they sound crystal clear with Hi-Fi audio technology. The HTC Sensation also includes an immersive HTC Sense experience making this phone easy-to-use and a top entertainer. The premium design, complete with contoured glass edging, feels great in your hand. The HTC Sensation is a multimedia superphone.

Premium design

Powerful performance

Instant capture cameraRemember that time you pressed the shutter button and had to wait while your camera phone finished taking the picture? With the instant capture camera, the moment you press the button is the same moment the photo is captured. Never let a great shot slip away.

Richer Internet experienceSurf the web in style with multi-window browsing, a quick lookup tool for jumping to Wikipedia or YouTube and the latest Flash support for smooth video playback.

Active lockscreenWe’ve transformed the lockscreen into a window to the good stuff on your phone – you can check up on your portfolio, view your friend’s status, and more.

Immersive experienceHave you ever held a thunderstorm in your hand? When checking the weather – feel the sun’s rays or wipe away the droplets of water.

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